The Moving Checklist

Professional movers say that in any year, twenty per cent of Canada’s population move to new locations. The following information could save you time, money and avoid frustration.


  • Arrange for servicemen to disconnect any appliances with special connections. This is not the responsibility of the mover.

  • See that motors of appliances such as washers and dryers are securely fastened down.

  • Take down any fixtures such as hangers and drapery rods which you will be taking with you.

  • Arrange disposal of perishable goods from refrigerator, freezer or cupboards. It is essential that the inside of refrigerators and freezers be completely dry.

  • Before the van departs, check your closets, basement and garage for possible leftovers.

  • Arrange to take personal care of valuables such as jewellery, money, documents and furs.

  • Notify your utility companies of your change of address and arrange cessation of service.

  • Notify your Post Office, Life, Fire and Auto Insurance companies of your change of address.

  • Notify your newsboy, milkman, etc, of your move.

  • If moving out of town, ask your dentist and physician to recommend members of their profession at your new location.

  • Notify the Department of Highways of your change of address so that your auto-mobile and drivers licence will be correct.

  • If you have subscriptions to magazines, credit cards or other such facilities, be sure they are notified of your new address.

  • Plants and pets are not the responsibility of the mover.

  • Arrange for transfer of your bank accounts. Transfer memberships in clubs and churches.

  • If you pack small boxes with odds and ends, label them for later convenience.

  • Some items such as flammables, fire arms, and ammunition, CANNOT be moved or require special consideration. Consult your mover.

  • For moves OUTSIDE of Canada your mover will supply you with pertinent information.