Local Moves

The charges for a local move are usually based on an hourly rate for service – from the time the van leaves the warehouse until it returns.

Generally speaking, a move is considered “local” if it is within a few miles of your present location. Greater distances are usually considered “long distance”. Consult your mover regarding rates in your area.

Long Distance Moving Estimates

Don’t settles for one estimate. Get 3 for comparison. Remember that the final cost will depend on several factors, including moving distance, weight of goods to be shipped and the services (such as packing) required. Be aware that the estimate is not a guaranteed final quote on costs…it is only an approximation. Check your estimate carefully. If one firm is very low, exercise caution. Perhaps it’s a good buy, but maybe the low estimate is due to inexperience or perhaps it is deliberate in the hopes that you will be swayed into signing the contract.

Remember that you will have to pay according to the weight of the goods actually carried, regardless of how attractive the “LOW” estimate seems.

Remember to segregate and mark articles that you DO NOT want moved. You are paying partially on the weight of goods carried by the mover and it is an unnecessary expense to pay for items you don’t want.