Piano & Special Items Moving

A piano could well be the centerpiece of your premises. It is a treasured possession and most likely has lasting memories built around it as well. Not to mention they are expensive and can be quite delicate too!

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Which is why you need a professional who will handle with the utmost care. We understand all these considerations better than anyone else. A-Zip Moving & Cartage has been operating for over seven decades. We know the fragile nature of pianos and can help you when it’s time to move it. We can move any type of piano or special item that needs to be handled with extra care, making sure that they are protected throughout the entire process.

A piano is an intricate piece of equipment with several moving parts. Today’s pianos may also have digital components as well making them all the more delicate. Their large size and weight create a false sense of sturdiness to amateur movers, which may cause massive and at times irreparable damage to the piano as well as surrounding walls. If the move requires going through tight corridors, up flights of stairs, or through other narrow spaces if handled incorrectly, the piano can suffer from scratches and other permanent damages making a professional and experienced mover all the more important.

We at A-Zip Moving & Cartage place your complete satisfaction and peace of mind as our number one goal. We do not use subcontractors and have a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable team that prioritizes the safety of your piano or special item. Our staff will communicate in a respectful manner providing a smooth moving experience with only the best results.

We have well-developed techniques and procedures from years of experience. This, coupled with our highly trained staff, gives you the assurance that your special items are packed and handled with the utmost respect and care.

Safely packing the piano or special item is one the most important parts of moving it. We wrap the piano with protective cushioned blankets and then stretch wrap to prevent scuffing of the surface and protect from exposure to moisture. To avoid bumps and scrapes, we use specialized equipment to move the packed piano.

We will work with you to create a customized moving solution. This will entail taking accurate measurements to ensure that we are well prepared and the piano is transported safely in our well-maintained vehicles.

Your piano or special items are valuable possessions, and we know it. Choosing the right professional can ensure a hassle-free moving experience and with A-Zip Moving & Cartage, you know you are making the right choice entrusting your special possessions in our caring hands. Get in touch with us now.