Office & Commercial Moves

Moving the office of an active business can be stressful and complicated. With business operations to focus on and customers who should get all your attention even during a move, you should leave the moving process to us. Over seventy years of experience has provided us with the experience and insight to help you make a stress free move.

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We provide customized and flexible services to businesses of all types and sizes. From startups to large corporations, our professional and accommodating staff are focused on minimizing disruption and getting your business up and running in your new location as soon as possible. We understand the unique requirements of every business and plan the move around that work schedule.

Relocation can be costly if not done properly, including the cost of damage to the products due to poor packing. You can be rest assured that our dependable and reliable team will handle the products with care, use the best packing material to pack the items, and move to the new location in a timely fashion.

Planning ahead can allow the process to be simpler. We help you coordinate logistics ahead of time to make your moving experience exciting as well as stress-free. We are one of London’s oldest and largest moving companies with two generations of packing, moving, and storage expertise. Our experienced and dedicated team will make sure that each item is packed professionally, properly labelled, safely loaded, and moved to the new location in the least possible time. We operate clean and well-maintained vehicles, ensuring that your belongings arrive in pristine condition.

We fully understand the impact to your business of any amount of downtime, our team will diligently strive to ensure that your business operations are back to normal as soon as possible. Your clients are expecting their orders to be fulfilled, and we don’t want to keep them waiting because of the relocation.

Our unparalleled range of services will suit your diverse requirements, from disassembly of all types of furniture to provide unpacking and reassembly services as well.

We offer a wide variety of services to accommodate your storage needs as well. Your items can be securely delivered and unloaded into your storage unit until it is time to move to the new location. Our trustworthy and dependable team will ensure that your possessions are protected at all times. We use industry-leading storage practices, eradicating the risk of theft or vandalism.

A-Zip Moving & Cartage has earned a high-quality reputation through honest hard work over the last seven decades. We are committed to serving your moving requirements in a cost-effective manner and take away all your stress, allowing you to focus on your business. Get in touch with us now.