Just the thought of moving can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Just looking around, you can see tons of stuff and are already stressed by the task at hand and more importantly, the potential costs involved. But worry no more. Read on to explore some tips that could help you manage your move efficiently and save money as well.

Plan ahead

Before actually starting to pack, mentally categorize all your belongings. Which items are more durable and can be chugged in the boot of your car? Shoes and books will probably fall into this category. Which items are more delicate and will need to be safely packed? These could include electronics and crockery.
We all have collected a lot of unnecessary stuff around us. We are either too lazy to get rid of such items or mentally reassure ourselves that we will use them sooner than later or that they might come in handy someday. These are just excuses. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of all this unwanted stuff that has been piling. If you haven’t used those things in all this time, the chances are that you won’t be using them in your new place as well. So why take them along? Take the bold step and discard any unnecessary items that don’t serve any purpose in your life. You could get into the philanthropic spirit and donate items that are in usable condition to a relevant charity. It will make you feel good about yourself as well as reduce the weight and volume driving down moving costs.


Boxes are the most important item in helping you move. But you don’t always have to buy new ones. You can look for used ones online, ask friends who have recently moved or visit supermarkets to look for any that they might have thrown away. However, you must bear in mind the limitations of these boxes as they might not be as strong as new ones. And could end up damaging your goods if not packed properly.
For packing material, you could skip on the bubble wrap by using newspapers. Additionally, towels, linen, and other clothing items can also be used. Beware of ink from the newspapers as it can damage your goods. Also, consider the physical toll and environmental cost of washing the clothing items after moving. Furthermore, despite all the care that you might take, there may still be costly breakages that professional moving companies can avoid.


If you own a vehicle, you could make multiple trips and transport some, but not all, of your goods. Loading the vehicle will result in higher fuel consumption and could damage its suspension. This could require potentially expensive repairs.
You can also consider hiring a rental truck and ask some friends to help out. You will probably have to buy them a meal for their services. Also, carefully study the terms and conditions of the rental as there might be hidden costs involved.


Although it might be tempting to assume that hiring a moving company will be more expensive than doing it yourself, the reality could be very different. Considering the stress involved with moving and the physical toll of doing it yourself, a professional moving company can actually be a better choice. Not only will they ensure the safe packing and transport of your possessions, but they will also ensure that the entire process is managed smoothly, leaving you relaxed to enjoy settling in in your new accommodation.