The best moving companies all have a few things in common: they are fully insured, they professionally train and certify their team, they use well maintained equipment, and they have an excellent track record. At A-Zip Moving & Cartage, we check all these boxes and more.

1) Credentials
When choosing a moving company, find out what sets them apart. At A-Zip Moving & Cartage, our 27 years with an A+ standing with London’s Better Business Bureau is just one of our proud achievements. Since 1949 we have been providing London and the surrounding areas with both local and long distance delivery services that help you get from point A to point B as painlessly as possible.

2) Insurance
Another detail to check into is insurance! Without insurance, the safety of your belongings simply cannot be guaranteed. A reputable moving company will have an up to date insurance policy that protects not only the belongings they are moving, but also their employees. Better yet, they will have the workplace safety programs to promote safety. At A-Zip Moving & Cartage, each of our employees has a unique and up to date W.S.I.B. Clearance Certificate. You can be confident knowing that your possessions are being safely packed and delivered, and that the team doing it will be safe in the process. Never hesitate to ask your moving company for a copy of their insurance, as well as all the details relating to the deductible and policy amounts should there be any bumps in the road along the way.

3) Equipment
One of the most significant ways that a professional moving company can make moving day go smoothly is their inventory of equipment. From things as simple as a big enough truck and the licensed person to drive it, to dollies, ramps, moving pads, appliance boxes, and even bubble wrap. By hiring a professional moving company you won’t have to break the bank to buy moving equipment or borrow tools from friends.

4) Expertise
For a lot of us, spatial organization on a large scale (like knowing how to fit the fridge and the sectional into the same space) can be an incredibly daunting task. That’s where A-Zip Moving & Cartage steps in. Our team has decades of experience making efficient use of space, which in the long run saves you time and money.

5) History
When choosing a professional moving company to help with your relocation, look into their track record. What are their reviews like online? If they don’t have any, ask for some recent clients to call for a personal reference. A reputable moving company will be eager to share the experiences of recent clients, who undoubtedly had great experiences with their company.

6) Client Care
And lastly, customer service. When looking for a moving company, always opt for the company with the polite phone manner, the ones that return your emails promptly, and perform complimentary on-location estimates. Excellent client care comes a long way! After all, you are counting on this company to help you settle into your new home!