Apartment Moves

Moving into or out of an apartment poses its unique set of challenges. Compact elevators and narrow stairs are the norm in many buildings making navigating large items through them a daunting task. Combine this with apartment rules and regulations, the moving process might not be as easy as you might have expected and could become stressful. With more than seven decades of experience, A-Zip Moving & Cartage can help make your move a breeze and take away all that stress.

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We offer a range of services to suit your needs. We can provide packing, partial packing, and unpacking services at your request. All our staff are full-time employees providing you further confidence in our expertise. We ensure all goods are carefully packed and have the insight to know the optimal packing technique for each type of item. Boxes and packages will be labelled and organized, ensuring each item gets to its right place.

We can pack your entire apartment, including any delicate items in the safest way. We realize you might have some special items that require that extra bit of care. We can also provide packing and transportation for special items such as pianos and artwork.

An apartment move can be time-consuming as well as back-breaking. Our team of trained professionals will use the appropriate tools and techniques to efficiently get the job done regardless of what floor you’re on. We take all precautions to protect the space that you are moving out of as well as the one you are moving into.

Before the move we recommend taking some proactive steps to ensure a smoother experience. Be sure to measure any narrow spaces beforehand to ensure that large pieces of furniture will fit through them. Also, don’t forget to reserve the elevator if that is required by the building. Finally, this is a good opportunity to optimize the space and discard any items that you no longer need.

With A-Zip Moving & Cartage, you can be assured of reliable services provided by courteous and professional staff that will go above and beyond the requirements at hand. You will have the peace of mind you are receiving the best possible service at an affordable rate with no hidden costs. We will treat your goods and property as if it were our own.

We want your move into your new apartment to be as stress free and relaxed as possible. A-Zip Moving & Cartage will not only save you time and money but will also ensure a hassle-free moving experience. Get in touch with us now.